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Barn Hunt is the new and quickly growing dog sport catching fire across the country! Barn Hunt is based on the traditional roles of many breeds in ridding farms, barns, crop storage areas, and homes of destructive vermin. Some breeds were specifically created to fill this role, and for many of those breeds, Barn Hunt provides their first true opportunity for responsible breeders to test proper working traits in their dogs.​ 

It is a great sport for older dogs, and older people too! To get started read the rules and then find a club and/or event near you. We hope you try it, we think you'll like it!

What dogs can compete?

Any domestic dog of any breed or mix, six months of age or older, can participate in Barn Hunt Events. Dogs with a valid Barn Hunt Registration number, can participate in Barn Hunt Trials. The dog must be able to fit through an 18” wide by bale-height tall “tunnel” made of straw/hay bales. Both altered and intact dogs can compete. Tripod dogs can compete, and so can deaf dogs. 

Who can compete?

There is no specific minimum age for handlers to compete in Barn Hunt. All able handlers of any age must be able to safely handle the dog without assistance while on the way to the blind, waiting in the blind, on the way to the ring, in the ring, and exiting the ring and surrounding area.

Some handlers will need special accommodation due to a disability. Those accommodations will be tailored to that handler’s specific needs.

Qualifying (Q) Scores

A team receives a qualifying score/leg toward a Barn Hunt title at a Licensed Trial when all of the requirements of the entered level/course are completed within the set standard course time for that level/course without incurring any errors which would result in an NQ.

Conducted by:

Deep South Dog Sports

Foley, AL

Getting a Barn Hunt Registration Number

  • You must become a member of the Barn Hunt Association >HERE<
  • Dog Registration is a one-time $30 fee. That fee covers each dog for a lifetime. It is non-refundable.
  • No registration number is required for Fun Tests or any unofficial clinics or fun days.
  • Your registration numbers are in the Register. Log In, then click Your Dog(s). You can then click on each dog's Call Name to bring up their entire record.
  • Scores, titles, and title certificates can be printed as well.

Titles for your dog

While Barn Hunt is an individual organization, if you have an AKC registered dog and would like Barn Hunt titles listed on your AKC pedigree, you can do so. AKC titles (suffix) are available:

  • Novice Barn Hunt (RATN),
  • Open Barn Hunt (RATO),
  • Senior Barn Hunt (RATS),
  • Master Barn Hunt (RATM),
  • Barn Hunt Champion (RATCh),
  • Master Champion (RATChX),
  • Crazy 8s Bronze, (CZ8B), Silver (CZ8S), Gold (CZ8G), and Platinum (CZ8P


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